Individual Therapy (adolescents, young adults, and adults ages 12 and up)

~ Initial Intake Assessment 60min

~ Psychotherapy Session 50min

Couples and Family Therapy 

~ Initial Intake Assessment 90min

~ Psychotherapy Session 70min


~ Telehealth depends on circumstances, diagnosis, and severity of symptoms, please email or call for more information. 


Topics may include the following: 

~ Body image and/or eating disorders.

Dr. Vraney is trained to implement the research based Body Project group series. The Body Project is a prevention and early intervention group addressing the appearance ideal among adolescent and young adult girls. Groups can take place in schools or community centers. 

~ Military culture and mental health.

~ Importance of self-care and how to reduce burnout. 

~ General mental health.



~ Additional supervision for licensing requirements. Please email or call for more information